Why You Should Implement An Editorial Calendar?

Editorial Calendar

Creating and continually maintaining a social editorial calendar is hard work. When dealing with content creation, companies tend to have one of two problems with social marketing:

1) They find it really difficult to post relevant and engaging content, related to their products or services.

2) Or, they’ve got so much material that they overwhelm their audiences, causing exactly the opposite effect they aim to achieve

“Content is King.” You’ve probably heard this phrase a thousand times but the magic behind creating great content starts with an editorial calendar.  An editorial calendar provides you a framework to build a successful content business. So, regardless of which category your company falls into, an editorial calendar is what you need.

Here are few reasons why you should consider making an editorial calendar to take your content planning to the next level:

1.  Roadmap for your content production

An editorial calendar should include:

  • Major categories or segment to cover on a weekly or monthly basic.
  • Major events, dates you plan to include in your coverage.
  • Sponsored content in collaboration with brands and advertisers
  • Theme based coverage

2.  Quality Content

An editorial calendar will help you create content that is relevant to your niche and is valuable to your audience. It’s the key to create high quality content to help you stay ahead in your industry.

You can plan to bring guest writers, subject matter experts, and industry leaders for exclusive features and interviews in advance through an editorial calendar.

3.  Consistent flow of content

As a publisher you need a consistent flow of content. Having an editorial calendar is the key to crank out fresh content every day. .An editorial calendar is a great way to plan all the content you will produce across different channels throughout the year.

4.  Maintain the tone of your site

Your publication should have its own voice to cut through the noise. An editorial calendar is the right tool to carry the editorial vision forward and get everybody in the organization on the same page

5.  Delegation of tasks

Using an editorial calendar, you can outline the content topics to be created and assign the team responsible for creating that content beforehand. A smartly designed editorial calendar not only helps you plan way ahead but also in delegating various tasks to the team members.

6.  Easy collaboration

An editorial calendar will get your whole team on board with pre-fixed responsibilities to avoid confusion and help boost collaboration. It will help you & your team to stay focused on your content goals.

7.  Theme based coverage

Just like a holiday planner helps you in planning all your engagements well in advance, you can create a plan of action to work up content based on themes and important events in your industry. For example, a themed series on Halloween, Christmas, New Year, or event based content on iPhone launch or an Earth Day series.

8.  Sponsored Content

  • An editorial calendar can help you and your advertiser communicate clearly on sponsored content.
  • An editorial calendar will also help you to establish a threshold limit in terms of the number of sponsored content you will produce over a period.
  • Creating a publishing schedule in advance will help you reach out to the advertisers and collaborate on future campaigns and promotions that resonate with the tone of your site.

9. Chasing Deadlines

 A good automated calendar should be able to inform you if any of your articles are going to miss the deadlines or have already missed them. Your editorial calendar tool should also be flexible enough to change the due dates with ease.

10. Multi-Site Publishing

Remember the days when you had to publish content for each of your sites individually? With an editorial calendar you can hook in publishing schedules for your whole network of sites and manage content from one place, saving time and reducing stress.

It’s also important to remember not to lock yourself into the calendar. After all, it is designed to be a living document. If you have a post scheduled to publish tomorrow, yet there is an important news event to take advantage of, so be it. If something is going on in your respective industry that demands your attention and ultimately that of your customers, go for it.

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