Facts Tell, But Stories Sell!!!!


In the middle of the clutter of the online jungle, we have to cut through the noise and engage our prospects with content that entertains, inspires, and educates them about what we do and who we are, including the culture of our companies. Grabbing the attention of potential customers has become the greatest challenge of all!

Fortunately, today's marketers have realized that video is the perfect format for quickly grabbing busy audiences' attention. It enables strong storytelling in a short but memorable format that viewers can enjoy—and marketers can measure.

Part of Google’s algorithm for search rankings considers the amount of time visitors stay on your website, which is one reason online video is seeing explosive growth. The play button has taken the center stage as the most compelling call to action on the Web, and explainer videos have a lot to do with this. Here some of the reasons:

Explainer videos have boomed in popularity over the past year due to their affordability and proven effectiveness in growing a business. This makes explainer videos an excellent marketing tool. Many companies have started to strategically invest in video marketing, as a way to improve the results of marketing and sales programs. So if you want to:

  • Increase Conversion Rates
  • Clarify the Objective of Your Product
  • Generate Increased Interest

  •  Rank Better in Google Search

  • Increase Web Traffic

  •  Grab Audience Attention

  •  Make Easily Shareable Content

Don’t hesitate to call us, we can be an extension of your marketing team and efforts! Dalmastro have helped lots of clients tell their stories by producing, powerful and memorable video animation campaigns.

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