Micro-Content for Social Media Success

micro content marketing

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, at the U.S. National Library of Medicine, the average attention span of a human being has dropped from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds in 2013. Having said that, marketers needed to face the challenge of creating micro-content for their marketing strategy, in order to assure some levels of success.

Reading large amounts of text on the mobile just isn’t practical and this is the consumer’s reality now. The rise of short messages through Twitter and Whatsapp, as well visual messages such through Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, made social media and content marketing, adjust to this new consumer’s behavior.

Essentially, micro content is as it sounds - short form content. Typically, low cost, high value content appropriate to social channels. To all intents and purpose it is social media content.

It’s not that detailed articles or long form, rich content is any less important, it’s simply a case of being relevant to the social media platform in question, and accessible to an ever detached consumer who’s on the move with a low attention span for your brand.

Micro-content is only as powerful as the connection that it makes back to the brand or advertiser. Content marketing does not exist in a bubble, and micro-content is hardly an exception. With every blog, social media post, app download, or micro video, there must be a call to action or larger connection back to the brand. Think of micro-content as the first minute of a sitcom before the theme song–compelling enough to draw you in for the next half hour, but not too informational as to give away the entire episode’s plot.

If you are still looking for inspiration on how to craft micro-content, here you have some ideas:

1-Sexy and Catchy headlines: with tons of trendy buzzwords, relevant hashtags or keywords, and SEO Optimized.

2-Curated Articles: sharing other people’s articles and blog posts, is another option to deliver value to your audience, and help you also network with industry thought leaders.

3-Lifestyle photography, and motivation quotes: inspirational quotes, short stories and lifestyle photography are huge personal branding assets, as well as a great micro-content to use.

4-Vines and Micro-Videos:  shoot a quick video about your brand or product update. Just keep in mind to keep it short, funny, valuable and engaging.

-5-Funny Memes About Trendy Industry topics: humor can be very effective for engagement.

As the world keeps shifting towards mobile devices, and accessing information via social networks on a mobile, micro content becomes a more important and practical form of communicating with customers and prospects. Despite the fact that Micro-content provide less-longevity than longer blog posts or articles, today, those type of micro-post and updates are more suited for a noisy digital world.

The sooner you integrate this into your content marketing strategy, the better, as your web traffic will increasingly come via mobile platforms.

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