Mobile Video Strategy For 2016

Everybody is aware of the huge amount of video content available on the Internet, what makes it very difficult to rely on the possibility that your content will be discovered by a large audience, just organically. So the very first challenge that marketers have to face, is how they create a big audience of followers, to watch their videos. There’s no point in launching a video campaign without subscribers, followers or an engaged social media audience. This is the case when brands would turn to paid advertising to entice sharing and speed up audience building.

An option that You Tube has, is the “Paid Media” (paid video advertising), that helps you to promote your video content. What this option basically does, is to trigger Earned Media, allowing you to get “free” views when people share the video ads. Facebook and Twitter have a similar approach, encouraging you to promote video content, buy using their advertising services.

The big question for advertisers now is, how to deal with ad blockers? According to the IAB, 34% of the US population uses ad blockers. And this trend is picking up pace. So, the goals for this 2016 should be:

  • Select a target audience, in which at least 66% of it still doesn’t use ad blockers, so they can watch them.
  • Be creative and produce relevant, engaging videos that people would want to watch and share.

Measuring a Mobile Video Marketing Campaign Has Its Benefits

The number of views is important, but its’ becoming a question of a pride metric, rather than an indicator of true interest. That’s why now brands are getting more involved by going deeper into those number, and evaluate metrics which mainly measure attention and engagement.

Google’s Brand Lift Surveys is a very helpful tool at the moment of measuring brand awareness, ad recall and brand interest among users who saw their ad versus users who did not see their ad. With other solutions, it can take months to have limited results. With Brand Lift, you can adjust your campaigns in near real-time since it gives actionable insights in a matter of a few days so. Brand Lift also links your advertising to lift in organic searches on and so you can see what impact your ads have on driving interest in your brand and products. Google’s Brand Lift lets video marketers measure every moment that matters.

Where Does Snapchat Fit in the World of Online Video?

According to Evan Spiegel, who is the co-founder and CEO of the mobile application, “Snapchat discards content to focus on the feeling that content brings to you, not the way that content looks.” That’s the essence of this app but let’s take a quick look at it. Snapchat is an app that lets users “Snap” a photo or a video, add a caption, and send it to a friend or list of recipients. They can view it, =laugh, and then the Snap will disappear from the screen. Users can also add a Snap to their “Story”, to share their day with all of their friends. Snapchat lets users know if their friend is “Here” in their “Chat” so that they can give each other their full attention. And if they’re both Here, then they simply press and hold to share live video - and Chat face-to-face.
It was only last year, when Snapchat started telling people how many views their “Our Story” clip receives if they make one in the collective, crowdsourced section. The result is a surprising one: Snapchat’s Our Stories are hitting viewing numbers that television’s most popular shows see.

Most video marketers very well know how to create TV commercials, but they might not have the expertise on how to make content that appears and disappears every 15, 30 or 60 seconds, after being viewed. The dilemma for them will be: choosing to ignore Snapchat and just focus on other video platforms, at the cost of missing a great opportunity.

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