Is Your Content Engaging?

Creative Compelling Content

Do you actively update your blog, create posts for social media platforms and send well-crafted emails? If you do so, that’s what it takes to build the foundation of content marketing. But, the challenge is to reach your audience in a meaningful way.

Producing quality content has become more and more critical, since content marketing can help your business stand out, if you approach this tactic correctly. Basically, creative content marketing consists of providing people with the type of content they need, something original, they haven’t seen before. But, not only what you deliver (content) matters, also how you deliver it (creative). Even when you have solid product messaging and a good story line, how you deliver your content can make the difference between standing out among the message flood or getting lost in it.

Here are some ideas on how to do it:

1-Know who you are writing for:

Before we start writing, think who you are targeting and what tone or type of information they want and need.

2-Know what you want your reader to do:

Include a clear call to action.

3-Set out to entertain and/or inform your user:

  • Have a drawing
  • Tell a story
  • Leave readers with questions

4-Write unique content:

Unique content is king.

5-Don’t be scared to have an opinion:

Your opinion is what (hopefully) sets you as an author apart from your competitors in whatever market you operate in

6-Make your post visually appealing:

It could be a photograph to demonstrate your point or it could simply be an eye catching illustration which clearly identifies a blog post.

7-Clearly segment your content:

Formatting your posts correctly with clear headings and subsection dividers your user can quickly scan the content to find the details they want to read about.

8- Write on a regular basis:

Content strategy is needed to maintain the growth of each site and the brand with it – a content strategy is not just about content but also making sure the quality of content remains solid to reinforce the brand.

One last tip: The most refreshing way to be engaging? Stop selling. Focus on delighting and educating. If your product and brand image are awesome, everything will fall into place. Put your heart into what your customers want most.

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