Boost your Content Marketing Strategy with Video

When thinking about marketing strategies or even advertising campaigns, video arises as the essential tool for success. Not only ad agencies consider that online video ads are more efficient that TV ads, but most of CMOs, believe that the conversion rate of videos is better that any other format. So, it’s not a secret any more that video is the great pillar in the future of content marketing.

Having videos in your marketing strategy, increases open rates, click-through rates, and reduces unsubscribe rates in email marketing. Videos have been found effective by marketers for brand awareness, lead generation and online engagement.

Video marketing is becoming so popular and effective, but as we go deeper in this field, you will find out that there are some videos that are more efficient and have a greater impact than others. For instance, tutorial and explainer videos are by far, the most effective, followed by thought leader interviews, case studies, webinars, video-blogs or events videos.

The most challenging to produce though, are testimonials videos and those about case studies. But in any case, the efficiency also depends on the company and the goals they want to achieve. So companies should start by focusing on these simple points:

1. Identify goals.

Begin by thinking about what you wish to accomplish with your video content marketing strategy. Do you want to draw attention to your products and services? Do you want to use your videos as a recruitment tool? Are you trying to increase brand awareness?

Whatever it is that you want to accomplish from your videos, take the time to define your goals. It is only through defining your goals that you can accurately measure whether your video content marketing strategy has succeeded. You need to determine how you will know if you have actually succeeded. For instance, will you define success by the number of times that your video is viewed? Or, will you gauge success based on the number of shares that your video receives?

2. Audience relevance.

To ensure that your video is relevant, when developing your marketing strategy think about the audience you wish to reach. Do not overlook the opportunity to get creative in order to reach your audience in new ways.

3. Call to action.

Regardless of how well your video is produced, it may fail to yield the desired results if you do not include a call to action. Think about what it is that you want people to do when they finish viewing your video. In order to achieve the most impact, you should include a call to action in both a visual and an audible manner.

4. Video distribution.

In determining the best way to distribute your videos, make sure you do not overlook social media. Promote your videos across multiple channels, and ensure that your videos are optimized for mobile viewing, as an increasing number of users now view videos from their mobile devices.

As online video increasingly becomes a critical means for providing consumers with the means for meeting their entertainment and information needs, it has become even more important for brands of all sizes to ensure they include video content marketing as part of their overall marketing strategy.

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