How to Stand Tall in the Social Media Jungle

By now, social media has become part of our daily life. Tweeting, posting, and updating comes as naturally as breathing, and we need to understand—through trial and error—what works and what doesn't. It’s not easy to stand out among a million posts and messages on Twitter and Facebook these days. And it actually gets harder each day as these and other social networks continue to grow.

For social engagement, especially in the case of businesses, it’s becoming more difficult for marketers and social media managers to cut through the content clutter and get noticed in the social media jungle. Yes, the internet’s a competitive place, but here are a few simple steps to grab your audience’s attentions and stand tall in this crowded jungle.

#1. Add Value First

In order to stand out, ask yourself:  am I doing social media stuff or am I behaving like a human? Start by giving back to your fans. Go beyond their expectations and deliver something of true value to them.

#2. Make it fun & human

Your content and campaigns need to reflect your brand voice and resonate well with your target audience. Focus on building a strong connection with your fans. Show them that you care through your messages. Use humor when relevant. Humor is one of the best emotions to tap into if you want your content to generate engagement, so lighten up and make your audience laugh.

No longer is it just about strong calls to action, clear benefits, and quality service; instead, consumers now look for deeper connections and content that offers value through entertainment and education.

The key is to make social fun – for you and for your audience.

#3. Commit to excellence

 Find content that inspires and informs, that resonates in a meaningful way with your target audience. Engage with your community, reading and responding to all comments better than anyone else. Aim to earn trust, not 'followers.'

#4.  Know the Trend 

Constantly look out for trending topics and then write a post that would capitalize on the buzz. Trending Topics are pretty handy when it comes to inspiring content, but try to add a new value or angle to the news you are sharing.

#5. Use Video or GIFs

Great content combined with motion is an irresistible combination that gives you the opportunity to engage with consumers on a deeper level with video marketing. As many of you know, video has been hot for a few years, and now, Facebook finally supports auto-play on video and animated GIFs, and Instagram just announced they’re releasing video ads to all brands.

#6. Be consistent & cohesive

Each social space should maintain a unique personality but continue a consistent theme and brand message that elevates your overall user experience.

In order to create a smooth experience across the social board, bring social elements to all of your digital content through your website, blog, and sales.  Include social elements into your content, including social links on your site, and encouraging fans to engage on different mediums. By keeping your social presence top of mind you can keep your audience more engaged.

The challenge is to develop a strategy and bring character to your social presence, while aligning your voice and core values to resonate with what drew your customers to you in the first place.

The ultimate goal is to create an experience for your followers, not just more noise for the already crowded social channels.

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