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Video Marketing for Small Business

Video Marketing for Small Business

Small businesses should not underestimate the power of video marketing and how it can rapidly increase brand awareness and the bottom line. 

Emotional Branding Campaigns

One of the most important ways a brand comes to life is the way it impacts the lives of its customers. Emotional branding is a powerful way to build brand loyalty and gain customers who will return to your brand again and again.

Many brands have found success by connecting with their consumers on a deeper level. As a result, some have become the most well-known brands in the market place, such as Apple and Coca-Cola.

Here is an example of a series of TV spots for an important marathon, that takes place once a year in Miami.  

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Does your business use emotional appeal to win the hearts of your customers? Have you ever given it a try? Feelings have a critical role in this regard. Yet few of any ads will make an emotional appeal. They will try to amuse and dazzle more than touch the heart. 

Always #LikeAGirl Campaign, may just be the most inspiring and empowering commercial, using this approach.

When did doing something "like a girl" become an insult?

In the advertisement, both male and female teenagers are asked to demonstrate what it means to "throw like a girl," "run like a girl" or even "fight like a girl." But then, a new group of younger girls decide to defy stereotypes and show off their own talents.

Whether running in place or demonstrating their karate skills, these girls prove #LikeAGirl doesn't have to be an insult.

 "Feelings have a critical role in the way customers are influenced". (David Freemantle)