Marketing Campaigns To Connect With Your Marketplace

Marketing Campaigns

It was long time ago when we left to chance the results of our marketing efforts. Running a campaign meant developing the creative stuff and praying for the good outcomes to come. The tools, the channels, and the results were all disconnected and it was hard to tell what was working, from what it wasn’t!

Marketing has changed a ton in the last five years. Social media’s power to drive campaign success into uncharted territory has resulted in a massive shift in content marketing. The best campaigns have capitalized on the elements that make content shareable on social media.


Marketing campaigns are the vehicles for connecting with your marketplace, to generate leads and sales, and to position you as that certain “something.”

Campaign's copy and creative should always support your brand strategy and messages, even if you’re running a tactical lead generation campaign. They’re one of the most effective customer acquisition tactics in your marketing arsenal.

Good campaigns follow a theme and include a series of touches with the market. They have an overarching theme, which can be leveraged over extended periods of time with multiple variations, or different elements, to tell an entire story.

While most small- to mid-market companies can’t afford expensive ad budget, they can create effective and memorable campaigns leveraging different media such as:

  • Online media, including interactive ads and banners on websites
  • Print media
  • Social media
  • Publicity
  • Direct mail
  • Email
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Telemarketing
  • Events and trade shows
  • Search engines
  • Outdoor media

True marketing campaigns are more than just advertisements. Complex campaigns leverage multiple mediums, use a sequence of messages over an extended time frame, support positioning, define a brand experience, and handle the campaign fulfillment and selling.

Campaigns can also be simple – using a single medium, with a single message and call-to-action. When designing a group of campaigns for your marketing plan, it’s good practice to start with your annual goals and work backward to develop campaigns to meet those numbers. For example, when you know how many new customers you need, you can calculate how many leads you’ll need, and then design campaigns to generate that number of leads over the course of the year.

DALMASTRO is an award winning multi-cultural advertising agency and video production company, specializing in SEO, branding, digital content marketing, social media management, graphic design, web development, and commercial jingles.  If you are thinking about creating new marketing campaigns, we can help with a solid planning, a jolt of creativity, and a focus on measurement, so that you’ll be in a strong position for success.