Storytelling, The Key to Social Media Success

"Storytelling has never been so powerful than today. The principles and success factors are closely related with word-of-mouth, social sharing, social media in general, brand perception and the very core of content marketing."

Working with clients and talking to founders we realized that some of them are missing the essential element for their social media marketing success: They need to be willing to create content and tell stories – the whole time.

Many of the people we talk to believe that social media marketing is all about posting updates and being constantly active in the chosen networks. It is. But that is simply only half the truth. Without a steady stream of content and stories all the activity in social media marketing can only get them so far.

A large part of social media success is not created directly on the various different social networks. It is created on your own site, on your own blog. It is the content, which you need to play the social networks to your advantage. It is the stories, which you tell, that attract an audience. And while there is a lot of content out there free for you to use, your own content on your own site is essential.

Of course there are many mechanisms and tweaks to social media activity that you should know about. Not knowing them will make your social media marketing a lukewarm effort. But at the core of real social media success is the content that you share and the stories that you tell. It is not enough to copy other peoples’ content or retweet and share what others post.

We sometimes have a hard time convincing these people that their biggest problem is not what they are or are not doing on social media. It is the utter lack of good and sharable content that often makes them fail with generating traffic. But fixing this lack of content is not as easy as setting up a new tweet or sharing some links on Facebook. It is going to be hard work.

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