How to Make Your Personal Brand Present

On Line Personal Branding
When you are visible, things happen. People seek you out because they’ve heard about you and your capabilities. They invite you into business meetings and conversations when they don’t have to. Your name pops up when people talk and gets passed upward and outward. You are top of the mind and tip of the tongue. Check out these simple tips to make sure your personal brand is present.

Are people able to find you? When your brand is called, are you there?

You are being Googled all of the time. Whether it is a potential employer, a new client, or even a random person you met at an event, your personal brand is being researched online. The stronger presence your brand has the faster you will be discovered. Start by clarifying for what you want to be known and create a communication plan to clearly, consistently, and constantly be present. Here are 6 tips you can apply immediately to ensure your personal brand is present.

1. Start your own blog

Ideally you should have your own blog as it becomes the ‘hub’ for your brand online. If your blog’s URL is your name, even better as it will be highly optimized on Google and people will find you. Keep in mind that once you have a blog you must maintain it, add regular content, and share it with others. If not it will get lost in the blogosphere and you will run the risk of being absent.

2. Share your thought-leadership

Without your own blog you can still keep your thought-leadership present by doing the following:

  • Search for blogs on Technorati in your area of expertise, add to your RSS feed, and make it a habit to comment on blog posts.
  • Use LinkedIn Answers to respond to questions.
  • Join groups on LinkedIn and add ideas to generate discussions.
  • Use Google+ Sparks as a drill-down tool for news and for keeping up on subjects you’re really into.

3. Join or start a ‘Meetup’

Meetup is online social networking portal that facilitates offline group meetings in various localities around the world. Meetup allows members to find and join groups unified by a common interest. Find a gap in thought-leadership in your vicinity and start your own Meetup. It is the perfect way to take your online brand and make it physically present in the real world!

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