Perfect Content Is The Enemy of Good Content

Everybody knows that selling is the end of the marketing process. Content marketing is a great way to help prospective customers find you. Perfect content marketing is not easy, but the payoff from content marketing is bigger than almost any other marketing tactic. The important thing is not to get paralyzed, searching for perfect content.

Content marketing can’t afford to become a quest for perfection. Chasing the holy grail of perfect content actually yields fewer results. 

Pursuing perfection is a game of rapidly diminishing returns. Put too much time into one piece of content, and you rob all the other content that could have been created. Go for progress, not perfection.

Creating content is a bit like water treatment. Everyone wants clean water, but how clean do you really need? You can keep making water cleaner and cleaner, when you’re willing to pay the price.

For example, you can build a water treatment system that removes:

  • 90% of dirt from a quantity of water for $1
  • 95% for $2
  • 97% for $3
  • 99% for $4.

Or, if you really need water that’s chemically and biologically pure, as certain laboratories do, 100% for $6 to $10.

The point is, not all water needs to be 100% pure: it depends what you’re using it for. To water the garden or wash clothes, you just don’t need 100% pure water. That becomes wasteful.

Ask yourself what level of quality each piece of content really needs. Here’s the trade-off: for the same cost you can get either 1 batch of water that’s 99% pure or 2 batches that are 95% pure.

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