Fuel Your Instagram Addiction

Instagram Addict

If you are an Instagram addict, here you have 5 free apps to tell creative stories.

Instagram is more than just an app for photo filters, it’s a community to share stories. And sometimes, the app’s built-in features aren’t good enough to tell the story you want to. But there are some innovative third-party apps that let you get creative with Instagram.

Third-party apps for Instagram are nothing new. In fact, some Instagram clients are better than the official app. Of course, you will still have to use the official app to upload your images, but these third-party apps let you do some cool edits to them before uploading. From adding captions to a Flipbook-like collection of photos, this is how you can tell a better story on the world’s most popular social photo community.

Yes, Instagram has captions. Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words. But haven’t you sometimes felt like just adding text right on your image? It’s one of the best ways to tell a story without taking the eye away from the photo itself. Quick is the easiest way to do that.

Available for free on Android and iOS, all you need to do is select an image from your gallery or take a new photo with your camera. Quick will show you a text field that you can tap to edit. There’s a wide variety of typography to choose from, and you can customize the color too. Once you’re done, save it and share it.

It’s not the most powerful photo editor around, but the focus here is simplicity. And it couldn’t be simpler.

Instagram lets you upload video clips of up to 15 seconds, but sometimes, that isn’t enough to convey the full story. Which is why Instagram Hyperlapse fits more into 15 seconds by speeding up your footage.

Basically, the Hyperlapse app takes a video, which is artificially stabilized and sped up, from 1x to 12x. At any point, you can see the actual footage time as well as how much it would be in sped-up time.

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