Photographs are important for the memories they represent. You look at a picture and it conjures up thoughts, feelings, and smells that take you back to a long forgotten place.
 In this article by professional photographer Laurence Norah of Finding the Universe, continues his five part series on taking better travel photos. Part two of the series is on how to get the perfect shot.

When to shoot.

The middle of a sunny day might seem perfect for photography. In truth, it’s the worst time to take pictures — the light is harsh, shadows are challenging, and your photos will not do your subjects justice.

The best times to shoot are closer to sunrise and sunset, when the light is soft and warm. These times are known as “the golden hour”.

Dealing with bad light

You can’t be everywhere at the right time for the perfect light, especially when traveling. Here’s how to get the best shot from a bad lighting situation.

Be aware of the sun

This is the most important tip of the lot. Ideally you want the sun behind you. If you can, position yourself so you are between the sun and your subject.

Be creative

That harsh light can be used to your advantage. Try shooting into the sun to create silhouettes, or use a high aperture to create a starburst effect.

Use the weather

When the sun is behind clouds, the light is diffused. Clouds also add interest and scale to otherwise plain, boring skies.

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